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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. Work and Employment Group: Intro

    …lan a local or regional event, then please share your news via this webpage. We welcome new and existing members to contribute ideas to take this new thematic group going forwards. Please do check out the publications section of the HDCA website and if you are aware of publications that are not currently mentioned do let us know. The thematic group (TG) plans to organize meetings and workshops, both during the annual conferences as well as during…

  2. IHDP Writing Contest on “Beyond GDP”

    …3rd place: $100). Deadline for submission: 15 October, 2013 Full details and instructions are available on the IHDP website,…

  3. Audio / Video Resources

    HDCA Webinars Click here for webinars 2020 HDCA Conference, Auckland, NZ (online): Videos Keynote Lectures 2020 2019 HDCA Conference, London, UK: Videos Keynote Lectures 2019 2018 HDCA Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Videos Keynote Lectures 2018 2016 HDCA Conference, Tokyo, Japan: Videos Keynote Lectures 2016 2015 HDCA Conference, Washington, DC, USA: Videos Keynote Lectures 2015 2014 HDCA Conference, Athens, Greece: Videos Keynote Lectures…

  4. Amartya Sen Selected as Routledge ‘Great Economist’

    …Amartya Sen is being featured in the Routledge ‘Great Economists Series.’ A collection of articles about Sen’s work published in Routledge journals can be found on the Taylor & Francis website:…

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