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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Thematic Groups

The HDCA thematic groups are meant to serve as ongoing fora for interchange in thematic fields, and establish links to ongoing disciplinary debates.  Their aim is to advance intellectual debate, promote research collaboration related to the theme, and foster interaction between academics and practitioners, as well as between members and non-members of HDCA. The HDCA encourages researchers who share common interests to organize thematic groups.

At present, 16 thematic groups are active:

All thematic groups maintain a listserv and inform their members on events and publications in the area. They organize panels for the annual HDCA conference and meet at least once a year during the conference. Some organize additional workshops or conferences, collaborate on publications and provide opportunity for discussion. Please know that the thematic groups currently work only in English.

Join a thematic group

HDCA thematic groups welcome researchers at all stages as well as practitioners. Everybody who is developing and actively applying the human development and capability approach or is working in the thematic area can join the thematic groups.

  • As a member of HDCA you can join the thematic groups by simply visiting their webpage and clicking on the button for joining (you have to be logged in to the site). Alternatively, contact the groups coordinators and ask them for instruction.
  • For non-HDCA-members:free registration as a user of this site is required for joining thematic groups. After joining you will be included in the group's listserv.

You can join as many thematic groups as you'd like.

Start a thematic group

If you would like to start a thematic group, please read and complete the attached document and contact us at

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