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Work and Employment

The Work and Employment Thematic Group began meeting in 2019.  It aims to promote and support the research of scholars, students and practitioners using the capability approach in the field of labour markets and employment, both in the context of the HDCA and beyond. The network is open to HDCA members and non-members alike to discuss work in progress and emerging new ideas. It is a particularly useful forum for students, academics and practitioners to share their work with a wider audience. The Work and Employment thematic group generates a space for sharing your own contributions to the field with colleagues and for developing new national and international partnerships.  If you wish to plan a local or regional event, then please share your news via this webpage.  We welcome new and existing members to contribute ideas to take this new thematic group going forwards.  Please do check out the publications section of the HDCA website and if you are aware of publications that are not currently mentioned do let us know.

The thematic group (TG) plans to organize meetings and workshops, both during the annual conferences as well as during the year, online and in person. It encourages panel submissions to the conference. The TG is working on a bibliography on the subject.


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Capability as informational basis for work and employment politics – a European research experience

In CAPRIGHT (Resources, Rights and Capabilities: In search of social foundations for Europe, (2007-2010) 24 partners from 13 European countries shared their work on capability–related concepts to inform European labour policies and work practices – understood in a wide sense and comprising services and regulation in the fields of work, employment, vocational training, work arrangements and collective action.

HDCA Webinar 2021 Work and Employment HDCA Videos
76 minutes

Decent Work and the Quality of Work and Employment

Presenter: Francis Green, University College London, Institute of Education

This webinar presents the concept of the quality of work and employment, discussing the manner in which working conditions meet people’s needs from work, how it connects with well-being and productivity. The paper is discussed by Frances Stewart (Oxford University) and focuses on the linkages between this topic and the capability approach.

HDCA Webinar Work and Employment
88 minutes

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