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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Inside the Journal

Volume 22.2 - May 2021

Special Issue on Energy Justice and the Capability Approach

Guest Editors: Anders Melin, Rosie Day and Kirsten Jenkins


Energy Justice and the Capability Approach—Introduction to the Special Issue
Anders Melin, Rosie Day and Kirsten E. H. Jenkins

Compensation for Energy Infrastructures: Can a Capability Approach be More Equitable?
Fausto Corvino, Giuseppe Pellegrini-Masini, Alberto Pirni and Stefano Maran

Energy and the Good Life: Capabilities as the Foundation of the Right to Access Energy Services
Giovanni Frigo, Manuel Baumann and Rafaela Hillerbrand

A Missing Link? Capabilities, the Ethics of Care and the Relational Context of Energy Justice
Christopher Groves, Fiona Shirani, Nick Pidgeon, Catherine Cherry, Gareth Thomas, Erin Roberts and Karen Henwood

Energy Poverty as a Restriction of Multiple Capabilities: A Systemic Approach for Belgium
Françoise Bartiaux, Rosie Day and Willy Lahaye

Operationalising Capability Thinking in the Assessment of Energy Poverty Relief Policies: Moving from Compensation-based to Empowerment-focused Policy Strategies
Joohee Lee, Hana Kim and John Byrne

Who Benefits and How? A Capabilities Perspective on Solar Micro-grids in India
Sushil Rajagopalan

Using the Capability Approach as a normative perspective on energy justice: Insights from two case studies on digitalisation in the energy sector
Rafaela Hillerbrand, Christine Milchram and Jens Schippl

Transition to Renewable Energy and Indigenous People in Northern Australia: Enhancing or Inhibiting Capabilities?
J. Hunt, B. Riley, L. O’Neill and G. Maynard

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