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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Inside the Journal

Volume 23.4 - November 2022


Gender and intersecting inequalities in education: Reflections on a framework for measurement
Elaine Unterhalter, Helen Longlands, Rosie Peppin Vaughan

Rethinking Child Poverty
Sharon Bessell

Do Men Care? Estimating Men’s Preferences for Spending Time with their Children
Anna Maccagnan, Leif Andreassen, Maria Laura Di Tommaso

THE TRIPLE DAY THESIS: Theorizing Motherhood as a Capability and a Capability Suppressor Within Martha Nussbaum’s Feminist Philosophical Capability Theory
Elaine Tontoh

Legal Capabilities
Ann-Katrin Habbig, Ingrid Robeyns

Measuring Covid Mortality
S. Subramanian

Book Reviews

  1. The Violence of Conservation in Africa: State, Militarization and Alternatives, Edited by Maano Ramutsindela, Frank Matose, and Tafadzwa Mushonga
    Reviewed by Annette A. LaRocco
  1. Work, Love, and Learning in Utopia: Equality Reimagined, by Martin Schoenhals
    Reviewed by Athena Aktipis and Diego Guevara Beltran
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