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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

HDCA committees

In addition to the Executive Committee, a number of other committees help to keep the HDCA running (see the list below.) Furthermore, the HDCA is grateful for the contribution made by the Thematic Group Coordinators (see each group to find out who the coordinators are) and to the yearly changing Conference Program Committee (see info on this year’s conference).

Nominating Committee

  • Description: The Nominating Committee oversees the nomination process and election of new Directors and Officers to the HDCA Executive Council.

Conference Advisory Committee

  • Description: The Conference Advisory Committee gives advice to the current conference organizers and their program committee.

Conference Program Committee

  • Description: The Conference Program Committee selects keynote speakers, with the exception of the speakers for the Mahbub Ul Haq and Amartya Sen lecture series. The Conference Program Committee also supports the Conference Manager and Chair in all questions and issues concerning the conference theme, call-for-papers, review process, selection of papers, program and assignment of scholarships.
  • Current members: Members will be listed on the conference webpage

Sen/Haq Lecture Series Committee

  • Description: The Sen/Haq Lecture Series Committee selects the speakers for the lectures, in consultation with the local Conference Chair and taking into consideration the theme of the conference.

Affiliation Committee

  • Description: The Affiliation Committee answers, approves and oversees requests for affiliation as determined in the guidelines for affiliation.  It reports to the EC at least once a year.

Finance Committee

  • Description: The Finance Committee oversees all financial matters of the association, supports the Treasurer and reports to the EC at least once a year.
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