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19th Annual Labor and Employment Law Roundtable (USA)

Each year, the Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations (CIHLER), with support from Cornell Law School, hosts a Labor and Employment Law Roundtable. This roundtable offers a forum for industry and academia to address current issues regarding labor and employment law.

This year’s event will be broken into four virtual sessions, culminating with a public roundtable on December 2. This discussion will look ahead to the expected labor policies of the incoming Biden administration and how the change of occupancy in the White House is likely to affect issues such as workplace safety, labor law reform, and workplace discrimination.

- What changes to expect with regard to workplace safety, hourly wages, contractors, and labor litigation
- The likely Biden agenda and how the new administration will seek to affect organizing
- Whether true legislative labor law reform will be possible or whether the Biden administration will need to rely on executive orders
- What the Biden administration can do regarding equal employment opportunity (EEO) issues

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