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Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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Social Innovation and Climate Emergency

This webinar was organized by the Innovation, Technology and Design thematic group, in cooperation with SERI (Sustainable Europe Research Institute).

Presenters: Rafael Ziegler (GETIDOS, Universität Greifswald), Josephine Balzac (Rollins College), Sylvia Lorek (Sustainable Europe Research Institute), Asanga Ranasinghe (Stampede Accelerator and Co-ordinator TG Technology, Innovation and Design)

Moderated by Anna Colom (Open University and Co-ordinator TG Technology, Innovation and Design)

HDCA Webinar Technology, Innovation & Design
111 minutes

Capabilities and Covid-19

Panelists: Sakiko Fukuda-Parr (The New School), Sophie Mitra (Fordham University). Sridhar Venkatapuram (King’s College London)

How can a Capabilities framework help us to understand how CoVid-19 is affecting communities differently, and why? How will the Covid-19 crisis be affected by pre-existing inequalities and how will it create inequalities? During a crisis for existing economies, with ecological challenges ahead, can the Capabilities framework offer an alternative outlook as to the way forward from this crisis?

HDCA Webinar HDCA Videos
85 minutes

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony and Welcome
Moses Oketch | Co-Director, CEID, University College London
Ingrid Robeyns | HDCA President
Michael Arthur | President & Provost, University College London
Elaine Unterhalter | HDCA conference Chair, Co-Director CEID, UCL

HDCA Conference 2019
32 minutes

Plenary 4: Panel Discussion on Collective Action

Dr Gautam Bhan
Senior Lead of Academics and Research, Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Kripa Basnyat
Atlantic Fellow, London School of Economics

Professor Patrizio Bianchi
Professor of Applied Economics, University of Ferrara

Tanya Charles
Atlantic Fellow, London School of Economics

Johannes Krassnitzer
United Nations Development, Programme (UNDP) ART initiative

HDCA Conference 2019
64 minutes
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