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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Institutional Members

Fondazione di Comunitá di Messina
The Messina Community Foundation mission consists in promoting a sustainable human development in a context that has been living for years below the poverty trap threshold. It encourages the creation of fruitful interconnections among welfare, cultural and productive systems in order to: foster research and technology transfer programs for the enhancement of social economy, attract creative and scientific innovators, implement urban regeneration programs and enhance the social capabilities of local communities.

From a strategic and functional viewpoint, the Foundation openly follows the capability approach, and it thus promotes:

- on the one side, the creation of high-quality urban and socio-economic contexts capable of generating viable alternatives for target materially and culturally disadvantaged beneficiaries relating to knowledge, social relations, housing, income and employment dimensions. In this way such systems should also boost the development of the imagination, of desires and aspirations on social spaces and on common goods;

- on the other side, the deployment of individual and community social support projects that aim at aiding those beneficiaries to fully understand those new alternatives, thus allowing them to recognize and grasp those more suitable for their own well-being.

University of Deusto

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