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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Children and Youth

'Children and Youth Capabilities TG' is an interdisciplinary network including, among others, economists, social scientists, anthropologists, demographers, statisticians, philosophers and psychologists. It aims at developing a bottom up framework based on the capability approach to address theoretical and practical issues related to children's human development. We have organised numerous international meetings and workshops to stimulate debate on the capability approach and its theoretical and empirical applications in relation to children.  These spaces for critical dialogues have culminated in a range of publications and members may be interested in the book, Hart, C.S., Biggeri, M. & Babic, B. (Eds) (2014) Agency and Participation in Childhood and Youth: International Applications of the Capability Approach Inside and Outside of Schools (London, Bloomsbury). Other key publications for those interested in human development and children and young people include, Biggeri, M., Ballet, J. & Comim, F. (Eds) (2011) Children and the Capability Approach (Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, UK) and Lessmann, O., Otto, H. & Zielger, H. (Eds) (2011) Closing the Capabilities Gap: Renegotiating Social Justice for the Young (Opladen, Barbara Budrich, Germany). Please download here a literature review on children and the capability approach, updated as of March 2019. This is the result of a collective effort among TG members to help scholars and practitioners to navigate across existing materials.

We welcome new and existing members to join us in continuing our exploration of children and young people's capabilities and the possibilities for further developing, collaborating and applying our work in this field.  If you have plans or ideas for events, projects or publications them please share details with the coordinators so we can publicise your contributions and hopefully stimulate networking among our membership.  We do have some overlapping interests with other HDCA thematic groups so please do check out their group pages too.


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Children´s Participation in the 21st Century in Different Regions and in Times of Pandemic

This webinar is dedicated to the analysis of the different ways of seeing the participation of boys and girls in different regions of the planet during the time of the pandemic. The first presentation conducts a review of the participation of children in South America from the perspective of the CA, considering that in the history of South America participation plays a major role trying to resolve injustice and inequalities. The second presentation suggest that the CA would benefit from integrating a concept of participation as presented in the work of Freire and that in turn the CA can be a framework for the elaboration of methodologies and approaches in line with such concept. The third presentation explores the ways in which the CA used in combination with critical pedagogy can enable children from high poverty neighborhoods in Scotland to engage in deep thinking and active involvement on shaping the policy decisions and social programs that concern them. The fourth presentation reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, where all schools and universities were closed and distance learning was adopted; preliminary results show that the drastic reduction in relational capabilities has severely impacted on children´s mental health and capabilities to participate.

HDCA Webinar 2021 Children and Youth Education Participatory Methods HDCA Videos
52 minutes

Children during the Pandemic: A view from the CA

This webinar aims to shed light on the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on children by looking at it through the capabilities approach. It brings together three scholars from different corners of the globe, who will discuss the situation of children in their own regions, and how this may speak to concerns about the effects that the pandemic has had on children’s well-being and capabilities.
Caroline Hart (University of Sheffield): Children living in a Covid-19 World: Reflections from England

Kate Sollis (Australian National University): COVID-19 and its impacts on children and young people in Australia: An evidence review

Graciela Tonon (Universidad de Palermo): Children`s views on the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study

HDCA Webinar Children and Youth
88 minutes

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