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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. Call for Papers: Journal of Global Ethics Special Issue on Education and Migration

    …tes scholars and practitioners from the disciplines of education, economics, law, philosophy, political science sociology and other fields to submit articles for review. Migration is driven by climate change, resource scarcity, state failure and other factors. It deeply marks all our everyday lives, it is ever present in the news, and it influences elections around the globe. Migration is hotly debated in politics, and so the ethics of migration i…

  2. WEBINAR: Capability as informational basis for work and employment politics – a European re-search experience

    …n a wide sense and comprising services and regulation in the fields of work, employment, vocational training and collective action. Five capability domains proved central in CAPRIGHT: – The capability for work – at the workplace and in production, – The capability for employment – in internal labour markets, in labour market policy and in interactions with the public employment service, – The capability for training – both within the firm and in i…

  3. Master Programme in Human Development and Food Security

    …modules: Development Economics, Quantitative Techniques, Human Development, Food Security, and Rural Development. The Module on Human Development, in particular, consists of about 80 hours of lectures held by several experts involved in the HDCA Association. All the master activities are in English. The Master comprised a total of 60 credits (ECTS) for a total of 1.500 hours. Students have to discuss their final thesis or internship report again…

  4. CfP for a CA session at ICT4D Conference

    …CA track in the next IFIP 9.4. conference to be held in Jamaica in May 2013. The track will be part of WG 9.4: Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries. The call for papers can be found here: Here is conference website where you could find out more about the conference and the IFIP 9.4 group:….

  5. Webinar: Agency, Autonomy and Social Innovation

    …innovation” (in preparation for 2018). Haxeltine A., Jørgensen, M. S., Pel, B., Dumitru, A., Avelino, F., Bauler, Lema, Blanco, I., T. Chilvers, J., Cipolla, C., Dorland, J., Elle, M., Garido, S., Kemp, R., Kunze, I., Longhurst, N., Pataki, G., Rach, S., Renema, J., Ruijsink, S., Strasser, T., Tawakol, D., Weaver, P. and Wittmayer J. M. (2016) On the agency and dynamics of transformative social innovation, TRANSIT working paper #7. Further readin…

  6. Call for Papers: 2018 Workshop in Philosophy and Poverty

    …underpinnings of policy responses to family and child poverty, gender roles, patriarchy, intimate violence and poverty, or procreation in an radical unequal world and in times of severe poverty. The workshop will run over two days and each speaker will have 75 minutes (about 25 minutes for presentation and 50 minutes for discussion). Draft papers are shared in advance and speakers can focus on the key points of their paper in the oral presentation…

  7. Conference- Absolute Poverty in Europe

    CALL FOR PAPERS Absolute Poverty in Europe Salzburg, August 27 & 28, 2015 Keynote Speakers: David Hulme (Manchester) Robert Walker (Oxford) We invite papers that contribute to an elaborated understanding of severe, extreme or absolute poverty in Europe. Papers should address the specific situations and challenges of groups endangered by absolute poverty such as undocumented refugees, migrant beggars, homele…

  8. Open Access Book: ‘Learning, Marginalization, and Improving the Quality of Education in Low-income Countries’

    …licymakers describe their own work on LBOP issues being undertaken in Kenya, India, Mexico and Ivory Coast. The contributors argue persuasively that learning equity is a moral imperative, but also one that will have educational, economic and social impacts. They further outline how achieving SDG4 will take renewed and persistent effort by stakeholders to use better measurement tools to promote learning achievement among poor and marginalized child…

  9. ALCADECA Conference – Submission Deadline Extended to March 17

    …the call for papers for its 6th biennial meeting, to be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, on June 1-3, 2016. These meetings bring together researchers from different disciplines and fields interested in human development, the capabilities approach and other approaches to normative and development issues, with particular focus in Latin America. Previous conferences have taken place in Mexico (2006), Montevideo (2008), Porto Alegre (2010), Buenos Aires…

  10. OPEN ACCESS BOOK: Low-Income Students, Human Development and Higher Education in South Africa: Opportunities, obstacles and outcomes

    …nd succeed. Low-Income Students, Human Development and Higher Education in South Africa makes an original contribution to capabilitarian scholarship: conceptually in theorising a South-based multi-dimensional student well-being higher education matrix and a rich reconceptualisation of learning outcomes, as well as empirically by conducting rigorous, longitudinal in-depth mixed-methods research on students’ lives and experiences in higher education…

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