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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. WEBINAR: Capability as informational basis for work and employment politics – a European re-search experience

    …n a wide sense and comprising services and regulation in the fields of work, employment, vocational training and collective action. Five capability domains proved central in CAPRIGHT: – The capability for work – at the workplace and in production, – The capability for employment – in internal labour markets, in labour market policy and in interactions with the public employment service, – The capability for training – both within the firm and in i…

  2. Call for Papers: Journal of Global Ethics Special Issue on Education and Migration

    …tes scholars and practitioners from the disciplines of education, economics, law, philosophy, political science sociology and other fields to submit articles for review. Migration is driven by climate change, resource scarcity, state failure and other factors. It deeply marks all our everyday lives, it is ever present in the news, and it influences elections around the globe. Migration is hotly debated in politics, and so the ethics of migration i…

  3. CfP for a CA session at ICT4D Conference

    …CA track in the next IFIP 9.4. conference to be held in Jamaica in May 2013. The track will be part of WG 9.4: Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries. The call for papers can be found here: Here is conference website where you could find out more about the conference and the IFIP 9.4 group:….

  4. Webinar on the Participatory Research Capability Cube

    …on of the university. We will locate PAR in our contemporary university and, after that, we will outline the main characteristics of an emancipatory vision of PAR. Then, we will explore the relations between PAR and participatory approaches of human development and the capability approach and develop our own theoretical framework to analyze and inform PAR processes from a human development and capability perspective. We have named it the ‘particip…

  5. Call for Papers – 6th Meeting of ALCADECA (Latin American and the Caribbean Association for the Study of Human Capabilities)

    …the call for papers for its 6th biennial meeting, to be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, on June 1-3, 2016. These meetings bring together researchers from different disciplines and fields interested in human development, the capabilities approach and other approaches to normative and development issues, with particular focus in Latin America. Previous conferences have taken place in Mexico (2006), Montevideo (2008), Porto Alegre (2010), Buenos Aires…


    …crónicas no transmisibles (hipertensión, dislipidemias, obesidad, diabetes, cáncer,); acciones de educación, fomento y/o promoción de estilos de vida saludables; embarazo adolescente; infecciones reemergentes (mala absorción o intolerancias, Fiebre de las Montañas Rocosas, Dengue y Chikungunya). Sesión programada para el 10 de marzo de 2016 en Hermosillo, Sonora Fecha límite para recepción de propuestas: 11 de enero de 2016 Coordinadores del eje:…

  7. Call for Papers: Health and Poverty – 2020 Salzburg Conference

    …cularly confronted with challenges and difficult to reach? What role do age, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or ethnic identity or social status play in the context of poverty and health? This conference aims to bring together researchers and scholars from different disciplines, approaches, backgrounds and experiences working on the complex and manifold relation of health and poverty. Papers exploring normative issues of (social and global) j…

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