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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. The right to science | UN general comment | Ideas for collaboration

    and prominent debate on the ‘right to science’ as human right: a right that, we feel, matters today possibly more than it did so far. The link between this right and human development is self-evident I think – and as such it is explicitly mentioned on our website ( ) This email is meant to inform you about two initiatives, in order of importance 1) our APPEAL FOR A GLOBAL SYSTEM OF QUICK RESPONSE TO PANDEMIC…

  2. EXTENDED DEADLINE: VII Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Association for Human Development and the Capabilities Approach (ALCADECA)

    …e Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP), located in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. Previous editions of the conference have taken place in Mexico City, Mexico (2006); Montevideo, Uruguay (2008); Porto Alegre, Brazil (2010); Lomas de Zamora, Argentina (2012); Lima, Peru (2014); Montevideo, Uruguay (2016). The main theme of the conference is examining the contribution of the capability and human development approach in procuring public pol…

  3. Extensión de Fecha Límite: VII CONFERENCIA ALCADECA

    …una visión de desarrollo que pone en el centro a la persona y su bienestar, así como el uso de indicadores multidimensionales para evaluar las realidades sociales de la región, y para diseñar y monitorear políticas públicas. Sin embargo, a pesar de estos avances en materia política, los resultados de la mayoría de los países en términos de desarrollo humano siguen siendo poco alentadores. Tanto la pobreza como la desigualdad han mostrado ser resi…

  4. Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples: Realisation of an Inclusive and Integrated Human Rights Approach

    …al institutions, their rights to maintain their language, cultural heritage, customs, traditional knowledge, and rights of women in the community. As they cope with modern living, this involves giving them equal rights to critical health care and education. As indigenous peoples’ rights are both individual and collective in nature, indigenous peoples remain committed to their struggles and their culture continues to be vibrant while their traditio…

  5. IDEA Conference: Marginalized Peoples, Human Rights, and Development Ethics

    …e conference will explore the ethical dimensions of international, national, and community development by and for marginalized populations, with an emphasis on human rights and democratic participation. The concept of marginalization recognizes the myriad ways in which individuals and groups might be economically, socially, or politically excluded, and the developmental, democratic, health, and ethical consequences of that exclusion. Presentations…

  6. Special Issue Call for Papers: European Journal of Engineering Education

    …ing and health, clean water, food security, biodiversity, climate emergency, energy, urban development, and other vital challenges. It is also important to acknowledge that engineers have played contested roles in history and still do (Lucena & Schneider, 2008; Mathebula, 2018). Further, the emphasis in transition movements on social learning, dialogue and co-creation, and the recognition that transitions in the context of wicked sustainability pr…

  7. Call for Editors – Journal of Global Ethics

    …ion will be given to aspects of diversity that may supplement the perspectives of the current editorial collective. More information:…

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