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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. IDEA Conference: Marginalized Peoples, Human Rights, and Development Ethics

    …e conference will explore the ethical dimensions of international, national, and community development by and for marginalized populations, with an emphasis on human rights and democratic participation. The concept of marginalization recognizes the myriad ways in which individuals and groups might be economically, socially, or politically excluded, and the developmental, democratic, health, and ethical consequences of that exclusion. Presentations…

  2. Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples: Realisation of an Inclusive and Integrated Human Rights Approach

    …al institutions, their rights to maintain their language, cultural heritage, customs, traditional knowledge, and rights of women in the community. As they cope with modern living, this involves giving them equal rights to critical health care and education. As indigenous peoples’ rights are both individual and collective in nature, indigenous peoples remain committed to their struggles and their culture continues to be vibrant while their traditio…

  3. Book on “The Capability Approach and Sustainability”

    …chmayer and Ortrud Leßmann has been adapted and the article on “Human Development and Sustainability” written by Eric Neumayer has been added to complete coverage of recent works on the topic. For more information, see: Please get in touch with the editors or for discount or if you would like to review the book….

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