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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

News and Events from the Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network (ECRPN)

a) Event: Early Career Researchers' Work-in-progress online exchange
Topic: Ranking Human Capabilities of Children Who Experience Maltreatment: A Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Approach
Early Career Researcher: Clementia Eugene, PhD Candidate and Lecturer at the Department of Social Work & Development, University of Aruba,
Discussants: Prof. dr. Jean-Michel Bonvin, Professor of Socioeconomics and Sociology at the University of Geneva (Switzerland)
together with
Dr. Carlos Medel-Ramírez, Researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores Económicos y Sociales / Universidad Veracruzana
Moderator: Silvia Espinal, PhD candidate, Education (Comparative & International Research in Education), University of Bristol, UK
Date: 10 October 2023, Tuesday, Online
at the following respective times:
London, UK BST (UTC +1) 16.45-18.00
Geneva, Switzerland, CEST (UTC+2) 17.45-19.00
Veracruz, Mexico CST (UTC -6) 09.45-11.00
Oranjestad, Aruba AST (UTC -4) 11.45-13.00
Istanbul, Turkey TRT (UTC +3) 18.45 - 20.00

All are welcome to join for an informal discussion on Clementia's work. The Work-in-progress online session is the network's new initiative to share work-in-progress, facilitate developmental improvements together with senior and established scholars and practitioners of the HDCA. Those with interest in sharing their work are welcome to write to the ECRPN Coordinators to together explore possibilities for future sessions.

b) Update on the HDCA Mentorship Program
Thanks to all the wonderful responses from the mentors and mentees of the program, the ECRPN Coordinators are happy to announce that the first (pilot) year of mentorship has concluded. Surveys will soon be circulated (allowing for some cooldown time after the annual conference), and with some time to make improvements, the program will begin a new annual cycle!

Many early career scholars have expressed interest in joining the mentorship program. To do so, please subscribe to the Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network's mailing list (under HD-CA's website, groups and networks tab; Early Career....), and Whatsapp groups. Further details about the next round of Mentees Call for Applications will be released via these outlets soon.

Last but not least, this mentorship program would not be possible without the proactive support of Education officers Giulia Greco and Oliver Mutanga. They continue to really help us (the ECRPN coordinators) make this even better. The program continues to also grow and improve through Prof. Melanie Walker's generous endorsement and support, and especially to all the mentors who have stepped up to join the program!

c) News from the Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network

Hurrah! We have a new coordinator! Please welcome Meaghan Malloy, our new coordinator for the ECRPN network. Meaghan is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, University College London's faculty of education and society. Together, we will all be jointly organizing the various offerings of the network:
a) The HDCA mentorship program
b) The Online co-working jitsi Pomodoro sessions (basically an online space, started during Covid, to work together like in a library space)
c) Work-in-progress Online Sessions: share your work in development, and exchange ideas with peers or more senior scholars.
d) (upcoming) Editors panel on publishing in CA scholarship: a panel of editors/associate editors of HDCA's Journal as well as other journal outlets open to publishing CA scholarship. They shall come together to casually discuss relevant topics on the publication landscape for CA scholarship. This panel will be moderated by Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti and will include, amongst others, our incoming HDCA editor, Alejandra (Sandra) Boni Aristizábal. Further details coming soon!

It has also come to our attention that during this year's HDCA conference, several summer school participants were not able to make it because their visa was not approved, or they were refused entry in other ways. For these participants, please consider jointly organizing a Work-in-progress online session with us, so that we can at the very least hear about your work and turn this unfortunate instance into some positive opportunity to share your work.

If any of these events are of your interest, or possibly that of your students, please consider joining our network for more details and updates.

HDCA Website:
Whatsapp group:
Facebook group:

d) Online Co-writing space (Jitsi)
What began as a space, much like in a library, for all to do our work together during Covid-lockdown(s), continues to be open for all. Our online Co-writing space has also been used to run self-organized Pomodoro sessions. So if you are feeling isolated or lonely writing/researching, consider joining the co-writing space. This space can be initiated by anyone (no accounts or moderators needed) and you can seek fellow participants via this whatsapp group by inviting them to join you in co-writing/working.

Whatsapp Co-writing space (Pomodoro and for self-organizing/initiating sessions):
Jitsi platform:

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