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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. 2011/2012 CA Bibliography Now Available Online

    …A bibliography of books, book chapters, and journal articles on human development and the capability approach is now available on the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities page of the HDCA website:….

  2. Call for Papers: Special Issue, Philosophies: “The Philosophy of Human Rights Obligations and Omissions”

    …each other. We welcome papers from a wide variety of philosophical and multi-disciplinary perspectives (philosophy, law, political science, economy, theology, etc.) that address these topics and the relationships between them. Despite the many formal political achievements in the form of declarations, bills and treaties, actual human rights implementation remains illusionary to the majority of humans. The reasons are manifold and include (1) delib…

  3. OPEN ACCESS BOOK: Sense and Solidarity: Jholawala Economics for Everyone

    by Jean Dreze, Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Ranchi University, India A wide-ranging collection of articles on social development in India authored by prominent economist and expert Jean Dreze Includes a detailed introduction on the basic principles of ‘research for action’ Provides a retrospective on social policy debates in India during the last 15 years A unique insight into social development in India Jean Dreze, development ec…

  4. WEBINAR: From Human Development to Sustainable Human Development

    …es in relation to (un)sustainable development, climate change and the SDGs — for example: (1) with A.V. Portocarrero, A.L. St.Clair, 1a) 2013: The Framing of Climate Change and Development: A Comparative Analysis of the Human Development Report 2007/8 and the World Development Report 2010. Global Environmental Change, 23(1): 28-39; 1b) 2013: An Analysis of the Human Development Report 2011 ‘Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All’. S….

  5. Call for Papers: Perspectives and Theories of Social Innovation for Ageing Population

    …e is 27 June 2018. The manuscript submission deadline is 24 October 2018. Visit the collection homepage for the full description of the project: About this Research Topic: In recent years we may observe increasing interest in the development of social innovation both regarding theory as well as the practice of responding to social problems and challenges. One of the crucial challenges at the beginni…

  6. Latin American Network: Introduction

    …atin America both in Spanish and Portuguese. It has organized a number of bi-annual conferences that had taken place in different cities in the region such as México City (2006, Universidad Iberoamericana), Montevideo (2008, 2016, Universidad de la República), Porto Alegre (2010, Pontificia Universidad de Rio Grande do Sul), Buenos Aires (2012, Universidad Lomas de Zamora), Lima (2014, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and Puebla (2019, Un…

  7. JHDC Special Issue Call for Papers – Communities and Capabilities

    …ders the importance of freedom of choice, individual heterogeneity and multi-dimensional nature of welfare. Human capabilities are constructed in terms of the substantive freedoms people have a reason to value, rather than of their utility or access to resources. It emphasizes not only the way human beings actually function but also their capability, which is a practical choice that will allow them to function in important ways, if they wish to do…

  8. Webinar Discussion: Democratising Measurement: A Case Study from Well-Being Public Policy.

    …asurement-a-case-study-from-well-being-public-policy-tickets-147848084601# — 2021 Webinar Series: Multidimensional Well-Being: Concepts, Measurement, & Application April – July 2021 The webinar series brings together and into conversation established scholars, junior researchers, and practitioners working to conceptualise, measure, and improve multidimensional well-being. It addresses and allows for discussion regarding both long-standing and co…

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