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Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. The right to science | UN general comment | Ideas for collaboration

    …ex (here: ). The current pandemic is giving us additional impulse to promote a more visible and prominent debate on the ‘right to science’ as human right: a right that, we feel, matters today possibly more than it did so far. The link between this right and human development is self-evident I think – and as such it is explicitly mentioned on our website (https://www.sciencefo…

  2. The Role of Social Policy in Promoting Human Security in the MENA Region

    …region has long been marred by protracted conflicts that have a strong multi-dimensional nature. This requires a closer examination of the various threats to social cohesion. Human security proves to be a worthwhile construct to further explore within this context due to its ability to recognise multiple threats – whether from poverty, inequality or political marginalisation. Not only can human security be defined as a people-centred, multi-discip…

    HDCA Webinar 2021 Human Security HDCA Videos
  3. Call for Papers – 12th AFD International Conference on Development

    …ented (Giraud 2010). Rather, it must be assessed through a dynamic and multi-criterion approach that incorporates equity and sustainability. This view of efficiency hinges on solid social capital, solidarity between members, reducing transaction costs through trust, and a willingness to achieve shared well-being (Brondizio, Ostrom, and Young 2009). Lastly, it is expressed in the system’s ability to withstand shocks and to evolve in the face of bot…

  4. Call for Papers: ASAUK Biennial Conference, University of Birmingham

    …ty of the study of Africa. To build networks among scholars interested in similar topics or fields, the conference includes several thematic streams. Papers and panels can be submitted to the conference’s thematic streams or directly to the conference organisers. The deadline for submissions is 16 February 2018. Stream organisers are responsible for organising at least two thematically…

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