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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. IDEA Conference: Marginalized Peoples, Human Rights, and Development Ethics

    …nd tea breaks, lunch both days, and evening reception. • Professional, high-income country, early (€100) • Professional, high-income country, standard (€125) • Professional, low- or mid-income country, all (free) • Student, high-income country, early (€25) • Student, high-income country, standard (€50) • Student, low- or mid-income country, all (free) • Low- or mid-income country, Journal subscription and postage (€55) Please note that the registr…

  2. ESPAnet 2022 conference – Stream: Citizen Social Science and Social Innovation: New Practices for the Local Evidence-Based Social Policies

    …ESPAnet 2022 conference, Vienna (14-16 September 2022). Stream/Track 7: “Citizen Social Science and Social Innovation: New Practices for the Local Evidence-Based Social Policies” Timeline: Deadline for abstracts submission: 4 April Notification of acceptance: 13 May Deadline for papers submission: 15 August Conference: 14-16 September Available Presentation Forms: in-person or online; posters and papers. Abstract Submission (max 500 words): https…

  3. JUST PUBLISHED! The Cambridge Handbook of the Capability Approach

    …as new research from leading scholars in this increasingly influential multi-disciplinary field, including the pioneers of capability research, Martha C. Nussbaum and Amartya Sen. Incorporating both approachable introductory chapters and more in-depth analysis relating to the central philosophical, conceptual and theoretical issues of capability research, this handbook also includes analytical and measurement tools, as well as policy approaches wh…

  4. JHDC Call for Papers – Special Issue on Participatory Research

    …rocesses. It further requires attention more broadly not only to university-community but also to South-North asymmetries of power in knowledge production Hence, in this special issue, we aim to initiate a provocative conversation of challenging methodological lines that participatory practices have experienced in our capability research area. The point is to bring theoretical and empirical insights – especially from the South – to re-think the li…

  5. HDCA WEBINAR: Children during the Pandemic: A View from the CA

    …0 (Sydney) This webinar aims to shed light on the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on children by looking at it through the capabilities approach. It brings together three scholars from different corners of the globe, who will discuss the situation of children in their own regions, and how this may speak to concerns about the effects that the pandemic has had on children’s well-being and capabilities. SPEAKERS Caroline Hart (University of S…

  6. Regional networks

    …To date, the main activity of the association is the organization of its bi-annual conference. Previous conferences have been organized in Mexico City (2006,Universidad Iberoamericana), Montevideo (2008, Universidad de laRepublica), Porto Alegre (2010, Pontificia Universidad de Rio Grande doSul) Buenos Aires (2012, Universidad Lomas de Zamora), Lima (2014, Pontificia Universidad Católica delPerú). Asia-Pacific Region The Asia-Pacific Region Netwo…

  7. Education TG webinar on: “Wellbeing, Freedom and Social Justice. The Capability Approach Re-examined” – implications for education

    …European Time, 2.30 pm UK time This webinar will be in the format of a participatory discussion panel and therefore, there will be no leading speaker(s). Our aim is to discuss Robeyns’ conceptualisation of the Capability Approach in her most recent book and to brainstorm how those ideas can be taken forward for educational research. We are looking forward to your contributions. The book is available at:…

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