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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. EXTENDED DEADLINE: VII Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Association for Human Development and the Capabilities Approach (ALCADECA)

    …e abstract an explanation of the research theme and its relation to the human development and capabilities approach. For more information about the registration to the conference and costs, please visit the website of the event (under construction): Organising Committee: • Oscar Garza (UDLAP, México) • Viviana Ramírez (UDLAP, México) • Teresa Herrera-Nebel (UPAEP) Academic Committee: • Javier Iguiñiz • Graciela Tonon • An…

  2. Extensión de Fecha Límite: VII CONFERENCIA ALCADECA

    …el idioma oficial de la conferencia será el español, podrán ser sometidos trabajos en los idiomas portugués e inglés. Las presentaciones podrán ser en estos idiomas si hay voluntarios disponibles para realizar traducciones informales. Comité Organizador: • Oscar Garza (UDLAP, México) • Viviana Ramírez (UDLAP, México) • Teresa Herrera-Nebel (UPAEP) Comité Académico: • Javier Iguiñiz • Graciela Tonon • Andrea Vigorito • Izete Pengo Bagolin • Silvana…

  3. JHDC Call for Papers – Special Issue on Participatory Research

    …thors removed to allow it to be refereed anonymously. When submitting, please choose ‘special issue article’ as the manuscript type, and ‘Participatory Research’ as the special issue name. Complete instructions for authors can be found at the publisher’s website: The deadline for submission of full papers is June 30, 2021. For inquiries, please contact Melis Ci…

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