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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. Call for Papers: Edited Volume – Philosophy and Child Poverty

    …of justice for assessing poverty during childhood? (capabilities, survival, income, etc.). • Differences and similarities in ethical reflections on child poverty and poverty in general. • The dimensions of poverty during childhood: welfare, health, nutrition, education, capabilities, relational resources. II. The Condition of Children Living in Poverty The peculiar position of children in our society and their condition as especially vulnerable a…

  2. New Book: “Understanding Global Poverty: Causes, Capabilities and Human Development”

    …que in its rigorous application of the multiple disciplines of anthropology, sociology, political science, public health and economics to the phenomenon of global poverty. Starting with definitions and measurement, the book goes on to explore causes of poverty and policy responses, aiming to give a realistic account of what poverty reduction programmes actually look like. Finally, the book draws together the ethics of why we should work to reduce…

  3. Remembering Tammy Chen Fenaiche

    …mutual understanding and care for others a foundation of a world that we do, in fact, all share. Tammy’s family, friends and colleagues at the University of Cambridge hope that her legacy can be well established and remembered. As those of the HDCA who continue to work tirelessly to change the conditions of most of the world, what Tammy lived for should serve as a model of what a human being and an HDCA scholar should be. As HDCA president Ravi Ka…

  4. NEWLY PUBLISHED: Youth, Gender and the Capabilities Approach to Development

    …es. Within the framework of the human development and capabilities approach, Youth, Gender and the Capabilities Approach to Development focuses on examples in the areas of education, political spaces, and social practices that confront inequality and injustice head on, by seeking to advance young people’s capabilities and their agency to make valuable life plans. The book focuses how youth policies and issues can be approached globally from a capa…

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