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NEW BOOK! Reparative Futures and Transformative Learning Spaces

Walker, M, Boni, A & D. Velasco eds (2024), Reparative Futures and Transformative Learning Spaces, Springer Nature, Switzerland.


The Reparative Futures and Transformative Learning Spaces book outlines the conceptualisation of ‘reparative futures’ as explained by Sriprakash et al (2020) as well as the importance of transformative learning spaces which take us forward for actions beyond only critiques of what is wrong and unjust.This book presents a remarkable compilation of learning practices and methodologies to construct reparative futures which are humanising, inclusive, sustainable, and more just, and where past injustices are no longer replicated but repaired or mended. The main players who populate those spaces are of a noteworthy diversity: community researchers, student activists, artists, policymakers and practitioners, and defenders of the LGTBIQ+ community, among many others. They all provide vivid examples of how building reparative futures is a collective task that should be promoted from several flanks.

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