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Call for papers – Human (in)security in an unsettled world

The annual International Affairs Conference will take place on 2 May 2023 and submissions are welcome before the closing date of Wednesday, 8 March.

In our unsettled world of intersecting human and environmental crises, or what has recently been termed ‘polycrises’, it can be argued that an urgent global governance challenge lies in actioning new visions and strategies of security. Two key tasks in addressing global security in the Anthropocene (the geologic era marked by human activity as the primary driver of environmental change) are: establishing holistic understandings of global security through effective communication of the overlapping human and environmental dimensions; and incorporating the range and interconnections of component elements – from climate security to military security, from food security to health security – in formulating policies that work to transcend insecurities on the ground, promote global cooperation and advance integrated strategies of security. This conference takes up this dual challenge of envisioning a wider discourse of global security, and setting out how to address the planet’s overlapping insecurities more holistically. It aims to attract papers that reflect on the multiple (in)securities of our contemporary moment, how they intersect in complex ways, and how more effective security responses can be achieved.

Paper proposals (300 words in length) should be completed on this form(link is external) by Wednesday 8th March 2023 at 17:00.

Further details are available here.



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