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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. Call for papers. The Quest for Normativity: Challenges and New Directions in Social Research

    …space for the many conversations that different ethical turns have spurred. In order to contribute to this vision, this call for papers invites contributions from across the social sciences and humanities that address questions related to the challenges and opportunities derived from these different normative turns. It also welcomes papers that reflect on the history of ethical reflection within social research, and on the possible futures opened…

  2. Why join the HDCA?

    …pabilities) The table below summarizes the benefits available at each level. (This table is still a draft / under construction and not complete or final) Benefit type Visitor Registered user Full HDCA member Browse the site yes yes yes Free online access as well as print subscription to the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities yes Discount on HDCA’s Routledge Human Development and Capability Debates Series yes Watch video recordings of co…

  3. Special Issue of ‘Dimensions’: OPHI 10th Anniversary

    …Enjoy this special edition of ‘Dimensions’ which provides a 10-year retrospective on the impact of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. Contributions by Amartya Sen, Michael Spence, Anthony Shorrocks and former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. Interviews with James Foster, Frances Stewart, and María Emma Santos. Click here to read online or download…

  4. For Authors

    …t), particularly for figures and tables (see ) In addition to the main manuscript, a separate file should also be uploaded, identified as “Title Page – not for review”, and must include all of the following information: The title of the paper The names of the authors The full postal and email addresses of all the authors Affiliation details for each author (job title, institution, city,…

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