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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. Extended CFP deadline- A World United: Allies in Ethical Development

    …er details concerning Collective Action And Development, see: Joint conference keynote addresses: The International Development Ethics Association’s Second David Crocker lecture will be delivered by Christine Koggel, Department of Philosophy, Carleton University, Canada, and GREThA is pleased to invite Vijayendra Rao, Lead Economist, World Bank Develo…

  2. Call for Papers: Immiserizing Growth – A Conference

    …ackground paper discussing many of these issues can be accessed at: The conference organizers are Paul Shaffer (Trent University) Ravi Kanbur (Cornell University) and Richard Sandbrook (University of Toronto). We are interested in theory and in recent or historical evidence on immiserizing growth, including: (i) Cross-Country Analyses; (ii) Country Studies; (iii) Micro-level Studies. Such analy…

  3. HDCA member stories

    …s page we intend to publish some personal member stories. Ilse Oosterlaken, 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology / Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands “I attended the HDCA conference for the first time in September 2009, when I had just started my doctoral research on the topic of technology and the capability approach. It was great to meet other people sharing my enthousiasm about the topic – we established the HDCA thematic group on…

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