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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Children´s Participation in the 21st Century in Different Regions and in Times of Pandemic

Chair: Graciela Tonon

This webinar is dedicated to the analysis of the different ways of seeing the participation of boys and girls in different regions of the planet during the time of the pandemic. The first presentation conducts a review of the participation of children in South America from the perspective of the CA, considering that in the history of South America participation plays a major role trying to resolve injustice and inequalities. The second presentation suggest that the CA would benefit from integrating a concept of participation as presented in the work of Freire and that in turn the CA can be a framework for the elaboration of methodologies and approaches in line with such concept. The third presentation explores the ways in which the CA used in combination with critical pedagogy can enable children from high poverty neighborhoods in Scotland to engage in deep thinking and active involvement on shaping the policy decisions and social programs that concern them. The fourth presentation reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, where all schools and universities were closed and distance learning was adopted; preliminary results show that the drastic reduction in relational capabilities has severely impacted on children´s mental health and capabilities to participate.


Children`s Participation in South America: a view from the capability approach by Graciela Tonon

From Freire’s notion of participation to children’s relational agency: contributions from and to the CA approach by Elisabetta Biffi, Chiara Carla Montá and Stefano Pippa

Using dialogue as a tool for critical thinking: developing a capabilities framework with children and young people in high poverty neighborhoods in Scotland by Sara Ward

Educational poverty and beyond: understanding Covid-19 impact on students’ capabilities through participatory methods by Mario Biggeri and Caterina Arciprete

duration: 52 minutes
film date: September 17, 2021

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