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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. Call for Papers: The Ethics of Business, Trade, & Global Governance

    …itate new business models/frameworks? • Uncertainty – Political and market instability create economic hardship, nationalism, and extremism, increasing risk and uncertainty. What are the effects on international trade and commerce? • Demographic Shifts – Emerging and developing economies have younger populations than developed economies. How will these demographic shifts change trade? • Do the benefits of portfolio liberalization, in terms of fina…

  2. Call for Papers – 6th Meeting of ALCADECA (Latin American and the Caribbean Association for the Study of Human Capabilities)

    …ities, both in terms of individuals and of social justice perspective. For instance, conspicuous, emulative or positional consumption might result in high indebtedness in the case of some households, leisure time reductions in other cases, or changes in preferences for redistribution, among individuals struggling to achieve certain standards promoted by the media or through peer groups. Institutions, markets and public policies can foster, mitigat…

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