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Human Development &
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Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. CfP: Workshop “Children on the Move: Philosophy and Child Migration”

    … Workshop website: Background The so-called “refugee crisis” made migration the No. 1 political topic in many countries across the globe. This is mirrored by an unprecedented height in scholarly attention, also in philosophy (to name a few of the latest: Miller 2016; Parekh 2017; Fine and Ypi 2016; Sager 2016; Mendoza 2017; Duarte et al. 2018). Surprisingly children are largely a…

  2. EXTENDED DEADLINE, REDUCED FEE FOR MASTER STUDENTS! “Energy Justice and the Capability Approach – Interdisciplinary Perspectives”

    …dying issues of energy justice. The invited speakers are the following well-qualified scholars in the field of energy and climate justice: Rosie Day, Stephen Gardiner, Rafaela Hillerbrand, Gordon Walker, Kirsten Jenkins and Behnam Taebi.The deadline for registration is extended to 27 August. There is a call for papers on energy justice and the deadline for sending in abstracts is extended to 21 August. Organizer: Anders Melin, Malmö University, an…

  3. TERI University – BLISS School 2016 on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

    …begins: 27, January 2016 Last date for registration: 11, April 2016 BLISS (Building Learning in Sustainability Science) is a series of five-day events organized by the TERI University to train and prepare stakeholders for the forthcoming sustainable development challenges by initiating dialogue and disseminating knowledge and skills on critical issues such as environmental protection, ecological securi…

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