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II level International Master on Measuring Well-Being

Registration is now open for the II level Master "QoLexity, Measuring, Monitoring and Analysis of Quality of Life and its Complexity", at the University of Florence (Italy) – Department of Statistics, Computing, Applications “G. Parenti”.

Defining, monitoring ,measuring and analyzing the quality of life in quantitative terms: this is the goal of the master, resulting of an agreement between the University of Florence and the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), as a follow up of the project “BES: Equitable and Sustainable Wellbeing in Italy”.

The Master aims at developing new skills in managing statistics at analytical, management and communication level, summarizing the recent debate on the topic. As the task to measure quality of life and well-being is a complex one, a multidisciplinary approach will be adopted.

The program is one year, with classes beginning on January 20, 2014. Applications for admission may be submitted until 29 November 2013.

More information is available at the University of Florence website: (


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