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FINAL CALL: Scholarships for Summer Programmes on Urban Studies in Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is announcing the final call for the 2016 editions of our summer schools on urban studies with partial scholarship available. Please help spread us the word to potentially interested students.

Social Policies & the Urban Fabric (19 June – 7 July 2016)

Aimed at undergraduate students or first-year graduate students, our summer programme on Social Policies & the Urban Fabric is a three-week course that challenges the dialectics between a variety of social policies and the planning, design and experience of Amsterdam. This interdisciplinary programme focuses on how social policies impact the city on the ground, taking Amsterdam and its public spaces, neighborhoods and new urban developments as an illustrative case.

Deadline for applications: April 1, 2016

The Urban Food Experience: Exploring Food and the City(10 July - 29 July 2016)

Food and cities are intrinsically connected. Yet it is precisely in cities that we are less and less aware of this, as the production and processing of most of our food now takes place far away from where we live, out of sight and mind. The consequences of this global food system, however, become increasingly visible to us as city dwellers, especially in the Global South and especially in the poorer parts of our cities.

The Urban Food Experience: Exploring Food and the City is a three-week programme in which students will explore the complex relationship between food and cities, this course takes an interdisciplinary approach, providing a variety of perspectives that each shed light on a different, but related, element of the urban-food dynamics.

Deadline for Applications:  April 15 , 2016

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