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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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Alexandre Apsan Frediani, International Institute for Environment and Development

“I am a member of HDCA because it has been a fundamental network for me to build professional expertise and relationships. I did my first conference presentation in the 2004 HDCA conference in Pavia. Since then, HDCA has provided opportunities for me to get feedback on my work and to be stimulated and inspired by the work of HDCA colleagues…to connect with others and build shared agendas, advancing and promoting areas of work collectively…[HDCA] initiatives have helped me to create a sense of purpose in my academic work. Most importantly, been a member of HDCA has meant making long term friendships, with people that I share and nurture relationships of care and support.” Alexandre Apsan Frediani’s 2021 publication is Cities for Human Development: A Capability Approach to City-Making published by Practical Action Publishing.

Tim Brunet, University of Windsor

Tim Brunet, University of Windsor

Tim Brunet, University of Windsor

Being a member of the HDCA provides me an international palette of pedagogical ideas that I bring to the work I do. Most importantly, it features the global south… I use the Capability Approach as a pedagogical framework in my work as an instructor and in my work in our Student Success and Leadership Centre. I run a program for research assistants where they complete six paid contracts over three years. Framing their work using the Capability Approach gives research assistants a voice as epistemic contributors, provides a framework for reparation in education…and provides immediate multidimensional opportunities…” Tim Brunet’s most recent work is on the “Discover Sustainable Futures Project” at the University of Windsor.

Beatrice M’mboga Akala, University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg South Africa

“I have recently joined HDCA, however, I have used the CA framework in my Master's and PhD studies. I draw insights from the framework as I continue to advance scholarship in gender and social justice in education in general and higher education in particular…I look forward to meeting and interacting with great  scholars in the field who have contributed to my scholarship journey and shaped my world view on matters related to  social justice, human development and development of capabilities.” Beatrice M’mboga Akala’s 2019 article on HDCA subjects is entitled “Intersecting human development, social justice and gender equity: A capability option.”

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