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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Doctoral workshop: Researching Urban Exclusion and Inequality: Critical Perspectives on Social Policy

Doctoral workshop on


Monday 25 January 2016
(Proposals due before 15 December, 2015)

Department of Social and Policy Sciences
University of Bath

 The proliferation of informal settlements, rising inequality and territorial concentration of poverty are problems shared by mega-cities throughout the developing world, but the Latin American city has been particularly marked by this evolution. What are the successes so far of social policy in reducing urban inequality and poverty? What best normative framework of analysis to inform poverty and inequality reducing social policy? Does a theoretical perspective centred on multi-dimensional wellbeing, affiliation and agency yield innovative policy insights?

This workshop is open to any PhD student working on *any* of the following topics:

-          Social policy
-          Urban inequality and poverty
-          Youth
-          Capability approach

The workshop is an opportunity to present some findings of your doctoral resesearch and receive constructive feedback from peers and academic mentors. Geographical coverage is not limited to Latin America as the workshop aims at bringing an international comparative perspective on the problems of urban poverty and inequality.

The workshop will start at 10.30 and finish at 18.00. Attendance is free. Participants are asked to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Participants are invited for dinner, and to attend the following day an academic research day in Bath on ‘Urban wellbeing, youth and social policy in Latin America’.

If you wish to participate, please send a 500 word summary of your proposed contribution to Séverine Deneulin at BEFORE 15th DECEMBER 2015.

 The workshop is organized under the British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Scheme grant, entitled ‘Urban inequality and youth wellbeing in Latin America’s informal settlements’, , between the University of Bath and Catholic University of Argentina, in association with the University of Oxford and Catholic Universities of Chile and Sao Paulo.


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