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UK Development Studies Association conference in Bath

UK Development Studies Association annual conference
Bath, September 7-8th 2015
Global Development as Relationship: Dependence, Interdependence or Divide?

Keynote Speakers: Professor James Ferguson and Professor, Stanford University and Branko Milanovic, City University of New York.
The Call for Papers closes on Monday 5th May.

The theme is the forms of relationship that are valued, enacted and denied through current processes of international development. Ebola, political violence, migration, trade and climate change all assert our global interdependence, while structures of governance still tend to assume the predominance nation state sovereignty.  Contemporary growth processes have generated prosperity for many, great wealth for some and exceptional inequality.Their neo-liberal thrust valorises independence and generates increasing populations whose labour appears either surplus or highly insecure, and so rely on forms of social dependence to secure a basic livelihood.  Alongside these non-inclusive growth processes new communication technologies have become an important means through which relationships are enacted, reconfiguring notions of nationality, community, neighbourhood, family and personal identity.

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