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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Design & Engineering for Wellbeing/Agency/Justice

20 - 21 November 2014
Delft, The Netherlands

Organizers: Ilse Oosterlaken & Annemarie Mink

Many people, especially in the global South, still lack the opportunities to do and be what they have reason to value, to lead a flourishing human life. New technologies, products and services can play a significant role in improving this situation, but may also fail to do so or worse; have negative side effects.

This event will critically reflect on engineering/design for development, but also look into concrete methods and approaches to effectuate positive change in practice, and in educating engineers/designers as future practitioners. It will do so from the perspective of three key values: well-being, agency and justice. The capability approach will be a key point of reference for about half of the contributions to this event.

The event consists of two parts:

  • DAY 1, November 20 - Academic papers (for researchers)
  • DAY 2, November 21 - Short workshops (public)

The workshop day is open to anybody working on or engaging with engineering/design for development & agency/well-being/justice. Whether you are a researcher, student, policy maker or practitioner, you are welcome to register for one or more workshops on Friday November 21!

For more information, the full program and how to register see

The deadline for registration is 13 November 2014. The costs of participation are 15 euro per day. This includes lunch.

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