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Online Discussion: People and the Planet: The Future of Development in a Post-COVID-19 World

UNDP-UNEP in New York will hold an online high level dialogue on Zoom: 17 June, 2020, 3.30 pm CET / 9.30 am EDT.

COVID19 has unleashed an unprecedented human development crisis putting at risk the hard fought gains of the last decades. It is a wake-up call on the devastating effects of the increasing pressure we are placing on our planet. But in the endeavor of confronting the multiple implications of this crisis, there is also an opportunity to reimagine what is possible and desirable for the future. Policies are currently being designed to confront it and massive additional financial resources are being mobilized. A key question is therefore how to make this crisis an opportunity for positive change. The panel includes Bina Agarwal, Professor at the University of Manchester and Joseph Stiglitz, Professor at Columbia University and recipient of the Nobel Memorial, among others. To register:

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