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WEBINAR – Gender and Energy Access: Economic empowerment

You are invited to attend the final webinar in a three-part series on ENERGIA's recently completed gender and energy research program:

Webinar 3: Gender and Energy Access
Economic empowerment

TimeThursday, 31 October 2019, 9am ET / 3pm CEST
RSVP: Please click here to register for the webinar

This webinar will focus on ways to advance a local economy by leveraging women’s energy enterprises. Women play a key role in expanding energy access in last-mile communities, yet they are still underrepresented in the energy product and service supply chain. In this webinar, researchers will discuss recent evidence that shows investing in women energy entrepreneurs is good for women, their families, and the growth of their businesses. In addition, presenters will share lessons learned from practitioners on how to best support women energy entrepreneurs in order to maximize their success.

More details on the final reports presented during this webinar can be found below.

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