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Cambridge has been home to many researchers working on the Capability Approach. In 2016 we launched a new series of annual capability conferences along similar lines as the early capability conferences that we initiated back in 2001. The main objective was to recreate the intimate intellectual atmosphere, in-depth discussions and time for exchanges, having one hour per paper and no parallel sessions. While a wide range of papers were presented in the first conference of June 2016 (CCC1) and the second conference in June 2017 (CCC2), the overall focus in the former was on taking stock of new initiatives in theoretical and practical approaches to capability approach and the latter was on challenges and dilemmas of measuring and using social choice theory framework. The results of the last two conferences were beyond our expectations in terms of academic interaction and outputs and a book with the best papers of the first CCC is being published by Cambridge University Press this summer. The best papers of the second CCC should also be published.

The focus of our third conference will be on the elaboration and use of capability indicators and other human development and sustainability indicators. We have the privilege of having Professor Mozaffar Qizilbash to be the key-note speaker of the third CCC. Professor Qizilbash is no stranger to scholars familiar with the capability approach. His contributions to both philosophical and measurement issues, the challenges of designing surveys to capture indicators of dimensions of freedoms are well-known.

The conference will be hosted by the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge (Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road) during 22-23 June 2018. There will be a conference fee of £15. Abstracts (max 500 words) or full papers (max 8,000 words) The selection of the best papers will be carried out by a committee integrated by Dr Flavio Comim, Dr Shailaja Fennell and Dr P B Anand. As with the two previous conferences, preference will be given to original papers exploring issues with capability indicators both in terms of theoretical and practical dimensions but other papers related to the Capability Approach are equally welcome. We intend to publish a book with the best 2018 CCC papers that meet the quality, originality and rigour criteria.

Deadline: 23 APRIL 2018.

Please submit papers as email attachment to:

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