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Spotlight Series 4 – Interview with Fenella Somerville

This is the Education Thematic Group's interview 4, with Dr. Fenella Somerville and  hosted by Dr. Patience Mukwambo. Fenella Somerville is a post-doctoral research fellow in the SARChI Chair Higher Education and Human Development (HEHD) research programme at the University of the Free State. She has a Master’s in Education and PhD in Development Studies, built on a base of 20 years of experience in teaching and management in South African schools and higher education institutions. Her research interests are in inclusive education, human development, higher education capabilities, and graduate employability. Contextually, the primary focus of her research has been on private higher education in South Africa. Her thesis was titled "Capabilities for media graduate employability: The case of private higher education. She is currently working on a book proposal based on her PhD research and a journal article.

duration: 34 minutes
film date: February 25, 2022

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