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Agency, Well-Being and Justice

  • This paper focuses on the methodology by which India’s 2002 Below the Poverty Line (BPL) census data identify the poor and construct a BPL headcount. Using the BPL 2002 methodology it identifies which rural families would have been considered BPL if NFHS (National Family Health Survey) data had been used rather than BPL census data. It compares these to poor families that would be identified using the same variables with the Alkire and Foster multidimensional poverty methodology.
  • commodities, consumption
  • secondary data
  • micro
  • National Family Health Survey Data
  • India
  • Living Standards, Health Water and Sanitation, Air Quality, Assets, Education, Livelihood, Child Status, Empowerment
  • Alkire & Foster Multidimensional Poverty Method
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