Soloaga, Isidro, and Luis Felipe Lopez Calva (2009). "UNDP-LAC, Regional Human Development Report: How to break with the transmission of inequality in human development in LAC countries" Paper presented at the 6th annual conference of the HDCA, 10-12 September 2009, Lima, Peru.

The goals of this Report are: a) To describe recent developments of income, education and health inequalities in LAC countries. b) To develop and apply an inequality sensitive Human Development Index (HDI) in several LAC countries. This modified HDI will be sensitive to inequalities between dimensions of the index (income, life expectancy and education) as well as inequalities between individuals. c) To make progress in our understanding of the determinants of the level of inequality in human development and the mechanisms trough which this inequality is inter-generationally transmitted. These mechanisms are being analyzed by taking into account idiosyncratic as well as systemic determinants of the transmission. We think that, in particular, this last goal of the Report makes it particularly suitable for this HDCA 2009 Conference. The Report takes the functionings and capabilities approach, and the intergenerational transmission of inequality in human development is assessed by explicitly taking into account the transformation function that converts goods and services into functionings. The empirical application of this approach is done trough ad hoc surveys in three LAC countries. These surveys contain questions regarding to the agency and to the aspirations of parents and children.