The Role of Civil Society in Actualizing Political Participation: (The Egyptian Case)

Amin, Nivien Zakaria (2010). "The Role of Civil Society in Actualizing Political Participation: (The Egyptian Case)" Paper presented at the 7th annual conference of the HDCA, 21-23 September 2010, Amman, Jordan.

The aim of the present paper is to raise a central question concerning to what extent can Egyptian society be attributed as a civil society. This question will lead us to discuss the aspects of civil society and the main criteria that must be ascribed to any particular civic society. Having set that claim, this study is mainly concerned with political participation and its interrelated aspects. Therefore, it will be investigated the roles of Egyptian civil society associations in achieving political participation. This inquiry will consistently lead us to focus on some aspects of civic society associations such as NGOs, Press syndicates, and political parties particularly El Tagmu. This inquiry will lead us to a conclusion whether political participation, as practiced in Egyptian society, is real and genuine one or just fake and ingenuine and whether or not Egyptian society can be submitted currently under the real criteria of civil society or it needs more reforms and improvements in the field of civic rights needed to be achieved.
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