Huliaras, Asteris (2014). 'The Dynamics of Civil Society in Greece: Is it possible to create civic engagement from the top ?' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, 2-5 September 2014, Athens, Greece.

Organized civil society in Greece is extremely weak in relation to most other European countries. The causes of this weakness are complex. The article focuses on some neglected factors in the relevant debate – among others, church-state relations, tax incentives and civic education. Within the last two-three decades there is an increase in civic engagement initiatives and activities. However, this increase does not reflect significant changes in social norms, but is linked to EU funding and to α change of political party mobilization tactics. Much of this change is fragile. The impact of the economic crisis on organized civil society in Greece is mixed: new initiatives are born but older ones are undermined – due to a change of priorities of ordinary citizens and a reduction of state support for NGO initiatives.