Schischka, John (2009). "Te Whare Roimata - Participatory Evaluation of a New Zealand Urban Indigenous Development Agency " Paper presented at the 6th annual conference of the HDCA, 10-12 September 2009, Lima, Peru.

Te Whare Roimata ( the English translation of Te Whare Roimata is “the house of tears”) which describes itself as a bicultural community trust run through the Christchurch City Mission. This organisation is involved in a number of projects centred around healing, reconciliation and inclusion of groups marginalised in society. One section of the Te Whare Roimata Group works through the Christchurch City Council Community Gardens Programme and aims to provide gardening skills and to increase the confidence of those involved in the programme. This paper reports on the application of a capabilities based participatory evaluation methodology to determine the changes that are occurring in the lives of those involved in the Te Whare Roimata Community Gardens Programme.