Solving intergenerational sustainability dilemma through a “cap of future generation”: A qualitative-deliberation analysis

Kotani, Koji; Nakagawa, Yoshinori; Yoshio, Kamijo; Saijo, Tatsuyoshi (2016). 'Solving intergenerational sustainability dilemma through a ``cap of future generation'': A qualitative-deliberation analysis' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Tokyo 2016.

abstract The current generation affects future generations, but not vice versa. This one-way nature of dependence over generations is known to be a main cause for many important problems over several generations such as climate change and accumulation of government debts, giving one strong incentive to the current generation. That is, the current generation chooses an action in favor of their benefit, leaving more burdens on future generations and damaging sustainability of societies, which we call ``intergenerational sustainability dilemma (ISD).'' This paper designs and implements a new deliberation experiments of ``intergenerational sustainability dilemma games,'' and examine how the ISDs can be solved. A novel treatment of a ``cap of future generation'' is suggested for the current generation to imagine and listen to future generations where one person in the current generation is asked to a deputy of future generations. We conduct a qualitative analysis of recorded deliberations for each generation's decision, and demonstrate that the ``cap of future generations'' changes group decisions in more sustainable ways, and amplifies not only the quality but also quantity of deliberation. It is also found that intergenerational sustainability is further enhanced when an additional member in a group voluntarily plays a role of ``neutral icebreakers'' for deliberations together with the cap of future generations. 

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