Solidarity Economy Movement and Capability Approach: some similarities

Mascarenhas, Thais (2009). "Solidarity Economy Movement and Capability Approach: some similarities" Paper presented at the 6th annual conference of the HDCA, 10-12 September 2009, Lima, Peru.

The Solidarity Economy Movement started in Brazil in the last few decades, proposing an alternative mode of production and distribution, based upon workers’ possession of all means of production and self-management. Economic and political equality, diversity respect, tolerance, confidence, and the fight against social exclusion, are the movement’s most important values. However, how is this experience related to Amartya Sen’s development perspective? This paper aims to present and explore the Solidarity Economy Movement employing Amartya Sen’s ideas on development. For this purpose, firstly, we present the movement, examining its historical formation, its theoretical and practical basis, and its recent experiences. Then, we discuss it in relation to Sen’s theory on development as freedom, mainly bringing his ideas on substantive and instrumental freedoms, agency and public discussion.
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