Social Entrepreneurship In The Water Sector: Getting Things Done Sustainably

Ziegler, Rafael, Lena Partzsch, Jana Gebauer, Marianne Henkel, Justus Lodemann, and Franziska Mohaupt. 2014. Social Entrepreneurship In The Water Sector: Getting Things Done Sustainably. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

There are few sectors where ‘getting things done sustainably’ is as important as it is for the water sector. From drinking water and sanitation to water use in agriculture, industry and ecosystems, Rafael Ziegler and his co-authors investigate the contribution of social entrepreneurship to the sustainable use of water. Using detailed case studies from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, the authors assess the role and potential of social entrepreneurship for the sustainable use of water. Drawing throughout on the capabilities appraoch and the conception of strong sustainability,they examine the ethics and politics of new ideas for sustainability in the water sector. In so doing, they critically discuss the impact of these new innovations, with the emphasis on ideas changing heads rather than money changing hands.

‘So often environmental protection is neglected in the social entrepreneurship literature, even though the environmental movement has a lot to offer in terms of empirical and theoretical developments. This book makes a hugely important contribution to filling that gap, lending weight to social innovation theory and providing a good case study resource. The book bridges the gap between social and environmental outcomes.’
– Tim Curtis, University of Northampton, UK

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