Reviving ‘Space’ in Capability Approach

Astuti, Wahyu (1); Diningrat, Rendy (2) (2016). 'Reviving 'Space' in Capability Approach' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Tokyo 2016.

abstract The current stream of poverty alleviation, as prompted by Amartya Sen, with capability approach at its crux has the potentials to unpack space of alternatives in realms of urban design and planning. It is argued to hinge on two fundamental elements: (1) capability to re-imagine the city and (2) capability to re-produce space where deliberate participation process becomes the enabler in unsettling the power-laden realm of a city. This article exemplifies the case of community-based city-wide upgrading as performed by women groups settling on the riversides in Yogyakarta in challenging the mainstream discourse of a tourism city by repositioning kampung as major and visible components to urban development.

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