Research Proposal – Establishing a right to the land of slum dwellers of Dhaka city.

Bashir, Abu (2010). "Research Proposal - Establishing a right to the land of slum dwellers of Dhaka city." Paper presented at the 7th annual conference of the HDCA, 21-23 September 2010, Amman, Jordan.

Bangladesh is an Asian developing country. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and trying to touch mega city. The most of the poor people of this city are living in slum in the vacant lands of the government without proper legal documents and they are always being threatened for eviction from their living lands. These poor people come to this city in river erosion, poverty in rural area, etc. At present about 2.5 million people of Dhaka city live in slums (out of 10.3 million people). Due to poverty of the slum dwellers, they are unable to maintain standard of living. They are living in urban but deprived from water, gas, electricity, sanitation facility, health, education service, employment etc, But establishing a right to their living lands can solve or mitigate minimum half of their problems. In slum migration and floating are a common scenario. Establishing slum dwellers’ rights to the land can reduce crime in slum as there will be a record of ownership/ leasee. It will be helpful for Government and other law implementing agency to keep criminal records of any person in the city. This research will also try to reduce poverty in developing urban city of Dhaka and also can be a model of slum dwellers rights to the land. Right to the land may be established by two ways, i.e. (i) permanent settlement, & (ii) temporary settlement. Transferring ownership may be a form of permanent settlement. Ownership transfer is not an easy process and it will take time to completion the whole process. Moreover, giving permanent right to the land may occur Dhaka city a big slum in near future. However, giving lease for a certain tenure must be a good solution for the slum dwellers so that they can overcome their poverty and they will be no burden in future for a nation. Most of our human rights organization, NGO’s, Donor, international organization are crying for resettlement policy before demolishing slum in urban areas. But this research will find a model for establishing their rights to the land without any question of eviction.
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