Pedagogical research: participation.

GALLO CASTRO, CLAUDIA PATRICIA; PASTRANA ARMIROLA, LUZ HELENA; RODRIGUEZ, NORA ISMENIA (2018). 'Pedagogical research: Participation.' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018.


Group: Processes of urban integration and social inclusion

The ENSDMM in Bogotá sets its nature in guaranteeing the education of teachers for children in vulnerable sectors. (Decree 4790).

The poster illustrates the research undertaken by 11 groups of pre-service teachers of the Escuela Normal Superior Distrital Maria Montessori (ENSDMM) in various contexts following the Action Research and other models during 2014-2016 period.

These projects are supported on the institutional horizon purposes, namely: the experience and promotion of democratic practices with the intention of building a culture that respects diversity; the configuration of life projects built from an ethic and an aesthetic perspective for the citizen's exercise; the mastery of the mother tongue to build critical positions; the appropriation of scientific, technological and social concepts; the ability to interpret the context of diversity to build history and memory; and finally, the noticeable domain of artistic expression as the foundation of identity.

These research projects were carried out methodologically following a qualitative perspective and a critical social approach, and were addressed following the Action Research principles in their majority, two of them under the descriptive-exploratory methods and one of them a replica of a project. In general, the following moments of the process can be identified:

1. Baseline where the characterization and problematization of the classroom are carried out.

2. Intervention that contemplates the theoretical foundation and the design and application of the proposal ascribed to a research line of the ENSDMM.

3. Deepening phase that includes the evaluation in process and the socialization of the progress of the research projects.

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