Participation and Human Development. Progress and limitation of indigeneous and peasant women in Peru.

Ruiz-Bravo, Patricia (2014). 'Participation and Human Development. Progress and limitation of indigeneous and peasant women in Peru.' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, 2-5 September 2014, Athens, Greece.

Participation of peasant and indigenous women in different spaces (such as local, rural and national), is increasing. However, this is a low-quality- participation and effects regarding decision-making power as well as influence, when it comes to programs and projects, is not as expected. For that reason, quality, accounting its impact on gender agenda topics that are debated, as well as policies proposals, will be examined and analyzed. This presentation is based on data that was collected in two previous investigations: one related to gender agendas and another related to local governments representatives and political participation.  

In this opportunity we would like to deal with the reasons that hold women back from expected quality, considering limitation and progress related to personal and collective actions. The fact of limiting peasant and indigenous women participation is attentive to the idea of voice and agency provided by Sen as well as capacities focus.

They may have a subordinated and unheard voice that doesn't get to be and become a capacity to live a worthy life. Consequently, it is very important to work on the relation between participation and recognition policies.

In this presentation problematic situations among peasant women, feminist organizations and those inside indigenous organizations with male pairs, will be reviewed, Gender and interculturality demands are brought by these groups of women but are not always accepted by the other two groups. From indigenous women viewpoint, feminist organizations, don't know anything regarding cultural heterogeneity and women labor is unknown due to control and monitoring works that men are not able to accept.   


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