Objective and Subjective Well-Being: evidence from rural Peru

Bellani, Luna, and Carlos De Los Rios (2010). "Objective and Subjective Well-Being: evidence from rural Peru" Paper presented at the 7th annual conference of the HDCA, 21-23 September 2010, Amman, Jordan.

In this paper we study the relationship between objectively measured multidimensional well-being and the individual's subjective perception of it. Subjective well-being has increasingly become a part of economic analysis. However, to the best of our knowl- edge, the links between objective deprivation and subjective perception of it have not been fully explored. In particular the present contribution aims at investigating em- pirically individual's multidimensional well-being in three domains (income, education and health) using a unique database. We use data from a survey recently conducted in rural Piura, a northern coastal region in Peru. In this survey, we could collect data on the variables of interest and also ask direct questions on the individuals' subjective perception of their economic condition.
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