Peycam, Phillippe (2007). "Negotiating Inter-cultural dialogue in a postcolonial environment; the evolution of institutional knowledge-production in modern Cambodia1" Paper presented at the 4th annual conference of the HDCA, 18-20 September 2007, New York, USA.

How to ensure that a proper allay of exchange between individuals belonging to different cultural, historical, social contexts, in a postcolonial global setting, where the Western model of ‘scientific’ analysis reigns without serious epistemological or methodological rival? Can, under these terms, an inter-cultural dialogue actually take place, especially when dealing with interacting ‘cultures’ largely marked by the Western colonial legacy? In attempting to answer this fundamental, lingering, question, the following article sets out to trace the institutional history of ‘modern’ academic knowledge on - and in - Cambodia, a typical example where Western colonialism and its avatars were responsible for framing the initial mechanisms for this exchange.