Multiple deprivation, vulnerability and governance: The case of Macedonia regions

Peleah, Mihail, and Andrey Ivanov (2009). "Multiple deprivation, vulnerability and governance: The case of Macedonia regions " Paper presented at the 6th annual conference of the HDCA, 10-12 September 2009, Lima, Peru.

The paper examines the relationships between multiple deprivation, social exclusion and involvement in local governance process. The paper is based on the data from the second round of representative survey conducted in Macedonia in 2008. The data is representative for the eight Macedonian regions as well as for major groups (defined by ethnicity, gender, education and age). To analyze multiple deprivation and vulnerability we propose a set of composite indicators, which include monetary and non-monetary aspects of poverty and aggregate estimates of social exclusion. The list is based on consensus building in the process of report preparation. Using composite indicators of multiple deprivation and vulnerability computed for the overall sample and individual sub-samples, correlation between levels deprivation and other factors like social exclusion, involvement in local government are investigated. The paper assesses the ‘input’ and relative weight of individual determinants of deprivation into overall ‘exclusion from governance participation’. Based on the analysis of these relationships between deprivation, exclusion and governance, the paper suggests areas of priority involvement that could offset certain severe deficits individual groups are facing in regards their involvement in the governance process
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